Moment of Truth…

The important part of your sales process isn’t the close- it’s the connection


How to effortlessly close new clients without ever having to DM someone, us a sales script, or sound sleazy or manipulative…

The 6-Figure Sales Coaching Club

Weekly online group mentoring calls
Personalised support and accountability to hit your money goals

Sales doesn’t have to be a dirty word!

You have the ability to make more sales just by being yourself and hosting sales calls like you’re talking to a friend. 

There’s no need to go full-on bro-marketer just to hit your income goals or wait for clients to come to you and hope that you “manifest” them.

It’s all about your energy and how you show up in those sales conversations, that can turn someone off, or turn them into a raving fan or a paying customer.

The key here isn’t pressure,

it’s excitement and enthusiasm for the work you do and the offers you’ve created!






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Weekly Group Coaching Calls,

so you can close more dream clients in less time, using cutting-edge sales strategies.

Hot Seat Personal Coaching,
to help improve your sales skills.

Access To A Private Facebook Group,
for inspiration, banter & support between sessions.






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Weekly Group Coaching Calls
for 12 months,

so you can close more dream clients in less time, using cutting-edge sales strategies.

Hot Seat Personal Coaching,
to help improve your sales skills.

Access To A Private Facebook Group,
for inspiration, banter & support between sessions.

Fortnightly 90min 1:1 Coaching Calls with Suzi,
to critique your sales calls and work on your sales skills so you can get more clients, more quickly.

  Let’s be honest, when done wrong – selling downright sucks. 

  • You spend hours and hours every day trying to get clients by posting on social media and a thousand other marketing tasks – but when it comes to making the sale, it all falls flat.
  • You’ve done a TON of work on your business and your offers, but still not seeing the results you thought you’d have by now.
  • You’ve been so focused on reaching more people and “being visible” that you’ve completely neglected the sales piece. Or worse you’re just waiting for people to come to you. Spoiler Alert: That’s NOT the answer here.
  • You’re not convinced another “proven sales script” or course about getting booked out is going to help you, and you’re ready to spend your time, money and energy on learning the skills that will get you real results.

You need to update your sales approach and drop icky hard-sell techniques in favour of an approach led by energy, passion and connection.



Sooner or later in your business, you have to actually TALK to someone to make the sale and learning how to show up and manage your energy isn’t something you can learn in a self-study course. 

SIt’s real-time learning, and honestly – you don’t have time to waste on getting this wrong… 


That’s why I created…

The 6-Figure Sales Coaching Club


Because you know what happens when you finally know how to close sales with ease?


  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to work on your business because you have the skills and knowledge you need to enrol new clients like a pro.
  • You’re booking clients with ease and no longer subconsciously hold yourself back from being visible because you don’t dread sales class anymore.
  • You have more time and freedom now that you’re not stressing about making enough to keep yourself going.

You Will Discover How To…

  • Elegantly handle objections and guide your potential clients to the perfect solution for them, without coming across as pushy or manipulative.

  • ​Effortlessly sell on the fly without ever needing a sales script again or stumbling over your words.

  • Meet your potential clients where they’re at and troubleshoot their problems with them as a friend and expert, not as a sales person trying to close a deal.

  • Host sales conversations that put people at ease, and make them feel like you’re on their team and committed to their success.

  • Finally close the sales you need to hit your income goals, and reach £10k, £20k or even £50k months.

    This Is For You If You…

    – Already Have A Product, Program Or Service That You’d Love To Sell More Of

    – Dislike The Idea Of Having To Become A ‘Salesperson’ to Book New Client.

    – Find Sales Has Become A Dirty Word You Only Associate With Call Centres And Dodgy Car Dealerships. 

    – Are Sick Of Settling For Less Than You Know You Could Make, and Being Less Than You Know You Can Be

    Here’s what you’ll learn inside

    The 6 Figure Sales Coaching Club

    • ​Asking Questions: Form the kind of bond with prospects that makes you the trusted adviser and the ONLY viable option in your market.

    • Overcoming Objections: Nothing makes a business owner’s knees knock quite like hearing objections. You will discover how to make objections to your best friend and turn them around lightning fast without any manipulative ‘arm twisting.’
    • ​Closing: How do you actually ask for the money without sounding awkward or weird?  All of my techniques are natural and not scripted and, best of all, are tested in a myriad of industries around the world.  You’ll discover ALL my closely guarded sales secrets!

    • ​Mindset: Without a solid, positive mindset you’re dead in the water!  Luckily I have a massive toolkit of tricks and hacks to keep you sharp, focused and resilient at all times.  I will share all my best tools with you!

    Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Listen to What Martina, Donna and Loncern have to say…

    Kim Walsh Phillips
    – Speaker, Author, CEO

    “Suzi is incredible at sales! She knows exactly how to cut to the core of why people buy and she’s connected the dots for many of my clients when it comes to not just making money but to truly serving at the highest level through sales.”

    D. Powell
    – Events Organiser

    “I’m not a natural salesperson. Many times I used to avoid picking up the phone to make sales calls. I’ve tried other sales courses in the past but none have really shown me how to sell without pushing people into the sale.

    Fortunately, I found Suzi’s Course. She’s given me a way to be myself and sell with confidence. Best of all my sales have increased 10-FOLD! Thanks so much Suzi!”

    Neil Clark
    – VP Of Technology TASC Outsourcing

    “I know Suzi to be an exceptionally talented, determined and dedicated individual. When she commits to something she will always follow through and be successful. She is a naturally gifted salesperson who demonstrates a keen awareness of the issues that Business Owners face and is a great Mentor.”

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