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Hey, I’m Suzi!

… and I’m a sales coach for female business owners, coaches and authors, who want to create a ‘feminine energy’ sales process to promote their business and win more sales.

Have you ever wondered why the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ make any menial task more interesting than picking up the phone to a new prospect?

It’s because over the years woman have struggled to find their pace and place in the world of sales. 

In the main, we resorted to copying our male counterparts or if we did receive sales training there was definitely a bias toward being pushy and forever looking for an opportunity to ‘close’ (horrible word).  The problem was that male energy with a female mind resulted in mixed messages for both parties.  Simply put, no one bought it! 

Ever since women have struggled to find a way to sell in a ‘non-shouty’, non-pushy way simply because no one has addressed how to sell professionally as a woman… until now.


I am here to coach women who want to

Sell Like a Woman!

Perhaps you are a quiet achiever; an expert in your field who wants a comfortable way to attract your ideal prospects. My 12 month immersion programme takes you through the whole process, step by step and at the end you will have a personalised sales process that you can adapt to your business but at the same time authentically reflects you as a professional woman in business. 

No persuasion or icky, pushy sales tactics here.  You’ll simply become a master influencer who serves their audience hard but sells EASY. 

What is included in the Programme? 

I learned my biggest sales lesson early…

You’ve got to come out from behind the virtual counter to sell!


One of my first jobs was as a Saturday girl in a craft shop.

This sounded like an easy gig to me, as I’d just be standing behind the till and waiting to take the money from people.

The owner had other ideas.

She forced me out from behind the counter and gave me the task of talking to every single customer that came through the door.

As a shy 16 year old, this was terrifying, but it taught me one of my biggest lessons in business – and in life!

  You can’t hide behind the counter, a webinar, a sales page or a website and just wait for the sales to come to you…

You can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to appear.

You have to step out of your comfort zone and find your ideal clients yourself. 

Once you’ve done that, you need to have authentic, helpful conversations with them to take them from casual browsers to happy buyers. 

Since that first sales role selling cards and macrame, I’ve sold timeshares in luxury apartments, computer software, various services and consulting packages, and trained sales people at brands such as British Telecom, American Express, Post Office, WHSmith, Honda and more.

After a difficult divorce that dragged on years longer that I could have imagined. I had to design a fresh start for myself. That’s when I decided that I wanted to solve a big problem I’d seen time and time again. 

So many of the women I’ve mentored really struggled with sales.

Both the strategy and the mindset. They had tried to emulate the loud and pushy sales tactics born in the 80s that still survives today, and it left them feeling icky and preferring to avoid selling altogether. 

Instead, we need a way of selling that feels natural to us, and invites our customers in – rather than manhandling them to the checkout. I call this Flow State Selling.


I believe that financial freedom is the gateway to women having it all!

Being able to do the things that matter most…

  • Invest in your own health and wellness
  • Live in the dream home you’ve always wanted
  • Take multiple trips abroad 
  • Help family members with school fees and house deposits
  • Buy the car that always seemed too impractical
  • Pay for an elderly relative’s care needs
  • Give back to the causes that matter to you

It all takes money. 

And the easiest route there is, is to master flow state selling. 

When I’m not teaching and coaching on feel-good sales systems, you can find me at home in Stratford-on-Avon, England, (yes, where Shakespeare was born!) where I’m currently building out my dream zen garden, all fuelled by laughter, fun and good coffee. 

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