Sovereign Sales Accelerator 


Do you think ‘closing’ is a dark art?  Well, you are not alone…

Many business owners struggle with converting a prospect to a customer.  Everything seems to be going so well but then the prospect walks away and you don’t know why.

Converting a sale from a conversation is more subtle than most of us realise at the outset.  I know when I first entered the world of sales, I thought it was just about giving a bit of information and taking the money.  At 18 I had some hard lessons to learn and many of them really are quite subtle; like understanding the first rule which is that it’s all about connection.   

So, say goodbye to a mindset that believes you have to really push for the sale (definitely no arm wrestling to the Cash Register required!).  It’s not the way forward. 

I cut my teeth in the world of selling working as a Saturday girl in a craft shop and then a couple of years later with an evening job, selling appointments to people I’d literally just rung off a list that I was given, to make and attend an appointment often 3 hours from where they lived, to buy a timeshare they didn’t know they needed!!! 

I only earned money if I made the appointment AND they turned up.  Believe me, this focused my mind. 

I listened to many, many unsuccessful conversations of colleagues.  Most importantly I learned the subtle differences that made all the difference in successfully converting the sale. 

Soon my sales were rocketing…. and I never looked back. 

I call this my Accelerator Program not because I’m racing through content.  Accelerate refers to me giving you the fastest route to the solution you seek; to transform your business conversations and convert them into more sales FAST. 

The best news is, that you don’t have to try out a range of approaches because I am going to give you the fast-track solution

Over the course of 6 weeks we will work together and you will… 

Week One

Learn the fastest way to connect with prospects in any sales situation and how to get them to open up without feeling interrogated. Put your ideal customer under the spotlight and uncover buried treasure and new opportunities to reach more ideal customers and close more sales.

Week Two

We will weave together the threads of what you offer into a concise nugget to use when networking so that you can influence and attract prospects quickly and get some quick winsWe will re-tune the Offers you are making and review how and where you are presenting them.

Week Three

We will troubleshoot and structure your approach to a sales conversation, and ensure you show up on your sales calls as your best, most authentic and confident self, knowing what to say and when to say it.

Week Four

Discover how objections are your best friend and how to turn them to your advantage and get prospects to talk themselves into the sale.

Week Five

What I use and WhyOne of the biggest questions I get asked! 

Week Six

Strategies that move your Prospects to Customers >>> to Raving Fans >> and then to Repeat Customers (the best customers of all).


I’ll give you my secret strategy for saving a sale just when you thought it was about to disappear forever! 

This may sound improbable or impossible but if you’ve got into the habit of feeling you need to squeeze and control your prospect into the sale, you can only look forward to push back, refunds and people who won’t buy from you again.  To be honest this mode of operation sucks.  You know it, I know it and they know it.  DON’T DO IT. 

Give prospects the time to breathe into the sale and to experience what I call Flow State Selling, then you will relax into your sales process without stress and best of all, with high conversions. 

Stop wasting time on low conversion sales and ACCELERATE to the good stuff! 

Because you know what happens when you know how to convert sales with ease. 

  • Selling in a way that’s not pushy or manipulative will feel such a relief 
  • You get up each morning, excited about selling because you now know you have a strategy that really works and is so easy to apply 
  • Your confidence will build quickly and you’ll be proud to sell in a way that will be congruent with your values and beliefs 
  • A new injection of cash from increased sales means you can look forward to being able to tick off those ‘wants’ in life off your list like:- 
    – Paying for your kids education 
    – Providing healthcare cover for family or an elderly relative 
    – Contributing to charity 
    – Travelling more regularly 
    – Moving home 
    – Changing your vehicle 
    – Saving for a rainy day 

Just imagine transforming your business in 6 WEEKS.  Soon you will break through your next income ceiling and start winning business again and again.  Take the fast route to winning business on repeat. 


Be an Action Taker not a Procrastinator… can you honestly afford to wait for sales to drop into your lap? 

Sign up now to my 1-2-1 6 WEEK ACCELERATOR PROGRAM delivered weekly via Zoom Meeting. 

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