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Discover The Flow State Selling System

Just hearing the words ‘sales’ or ‘selling’ can send many a business owner into an anxious wreck.

The traditional sales strategies have given selling a bit of a bad reputation and had made sales synonymous with ‘sleaze’, ‘pressure’ or being ‘pushy’.

Not only does selling NOT have to be that way, the idea that it’s our only option to keeping so many amazing small business owners and coaches, stuck not making the income they deserve.

It’s time to discover how to use flow state selling to your advantage, so you can share your offers with each, and close sales in a way that feels like a win-win, for you, and your customers.

The 3 Energy Hacks to Naturally Attract + Convert Your Right Fit Clients

Discover how to sell high-ticket offers with ease and flow and without the pushy sales tactics.

Suzi is incredible at sales! She knows exactly how to cut to the core of why people buy. She’s connected the dots for so many of my clients when it comes to making money and truly serving at the highest level.
Kim Walsh Phillips

Suzi is exceptionally talented and a naturally gifted sales person. She has a keen awareness of the issues business owners face and she’s a great mentor.
Neil Clark

I’ve tried other sales courses in the past, but none has shown me how to sell with out pushing people into it. Suzi’s given me a way to be myself and sell with confidence! My sales have increased 10x since taking her course!
D. Powell

Hey, I’m Suzi!

I’m a coach, a sales trainer and an online educator, but most of all – I’m a troubleshooter.

Skilled at spotting the bottlenecks in other people’s businesses and helping them discover and distil their own special message and making sales on repeat.  

 The 6 Figure Sales Coaching Club

The 6 Figure Sales Coaching Club is a monthly membership hosted by Suzi Seddon to support your in mastering your sales conversations and meeting your sales goals, week after week.


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Weekly Group Coaching Calls

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