How I Grew My Email List By 604 Qualified Leads In 1 Day (And Got 35 Sales)


Yes, I know… it sounds like a tall order… but it’s the truth.

Simply put, this is one of THE most effective lead generation strategies I have ever used.

I had a problem. I had just gone through a 13 year divorce process. I had no money, I had hardly anybody on my email List, I didn’t even have a product.

How the heck was I going to grow an audience fast?

Every option I looked at involved huge amounts of input and energy from me and an all too long timeline to deliver, with no real guarantee and it all came with a need for investment every step of the way. I hadn’t yet built a bank of testimonials and I always worried I didn’t know as much as other people said I did (yes, that’s called imposter syndrome). Who was going to sit up and listen to me?

I remember thinking there must be a better, faster way to grow that didn’t rely on expensive online advertising. The reality was that I had to use resourcefulness over resources and open my eyes to new opportunities to grow my business.

It was then that I discovered Online Summits.

I watched others running their own Summit’s – it looked like fun!

They had gathered together a panel of Speakers and what seemed like an enormous group of raving fans, all participating live and asking questions and engaging with what was going on. The Host interviewed the Speakers one-by-one… the content was being created there and then and not by the Host!

This was my opportunity. This was what I had been searching for!!!
I needed to host my own online summit. To be honest the most attractive idea to me was that I could do this for FREE.

No need for paid ads or slow organic marketing to grow my list… just my own Online Summit .

I set about selecting 7 Speakers. I prepared emails to send out and worked out the questions to ask the Speakers on the day of the Summit. The pressure was off me – I was the interviewer not the interviewee.

Yes, I had to get organised and write emails but today I can roll out a Summit in 30 days or less because I did all the heavy lifting on that first Summit.

The benefits of running my own Summit have been so much wider than I had ever anticipated.

I established myself as an expert in my field
I showed the world I could run a successful event
I connected with many potential referral and collaboration partners
I built an engaged audience INSTANTLY that day!
I grew my email List hugely
I sold the recordings of my Summit for a quick injection of cash
I created a list of warm leads for my other offers
I started booking out my Coaching Club and 1-2-1 Coaching
I gained huge confidence and my imposter syndrome disappeared!

If you’re thinking “this all sounds very well Suzi, but it also sounds like a stack load of work”… well you’d be right… AND WRONG.

Now I have my Online Summit strategy sorted, I can offer it to you too – complete with ALL THE TEMPLATES to use (including the ones to give to your Speakers so they have no work to do either) so 95% of the work is done for you and you have nothing else to figure out. Just edit the templates and you’re done.

And by the way, did you get that I recorded the whole Summit and offered it as a digital download product for which I made 35 sales from on Summit Day?

Want to know more?

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Remember that all businesses need an audience to sell to and for that, this strategy is a game changer.

How to Use a Free Online Summit to Attract New Leads and Sign New Clients

Even if you don’t have an email list, testimonials or the money to spend on paid ads.